The perfect getaway: Egmond aan Zee

I wrote before about Egmond aan Zee, because I’m often here. Not only in the summer but during the winter this is one of my favourite places to escape the commotion of Amsterdam. My mother has an apartment by the beach in Egmond aan Zee. When I’m in Egmond aan Zee I instantly get a holiday feeling with at the front side a stunning sea view and at rear an amazing view over the dunes.

Amsterdam occasionally gets a bit too noisy for me. I live in a small house in one of the busiest disticts of Amsterdam, de pijp, it’s great to get away from the commotion in Amsterdam and relax in my house in Egmond aan Zee. At night you see a completely empty beach and can listen to the sea. During the day you can walk in the dunes or on the beach. I prefer to sit on our balcony with wine and food while looking at the sea and the people that are walking on the beach.

Where do you find your peace in the Netherlands?

Laura Saija

Hi, I'm Laura from Amsterdam. I currently live in Australia with my boyfriend for at least a year. Read all about my travels on! x Laura

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