Wishlist: an infinite road trip

I love road trips! After my road trip through Europe last summer, I really feel like doing this again. The nice things about road trips as I see it is that you are completely flexible and free to drive wherever and whenever. You can have brakes in between if you want and if you feel like it there are a lot of roads with beautiful landscapes that are off the highway.

I find driving really relaxing. If I make a road trip abroad I always find it a pity when I have to go back home. Road trips are always too short! That is why I would love to make an infinite road trip. Or, well, not completely infinite but at least longer than a few weeks.

Where whould you love to do a road trip?

Laura Saija

Hi, I'm Laura from Amsterdam. I currently live in Australia with my boyfriend for at least a year. Read all about my travels on glampacker.nl! x Laura

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