Bamboo Island

bamboo island thailand

This is probably the most bounty like island I’ve ever been in my live. I’m talking about white sand, blue water and palm trees! All this you can find on Bamboo Island (Koh Mai Phai) in Thailand, this island is part of the Phi Phi Islands. When you travel to Koh Phi Phi you can ask an fisherman to take you to all kinds of places like Maya Beach, Monkey Beach and this beach on Bamboo Island. You have to take a boat trip on the ocean in a little boat (it was kind of scary but it’s worth it) and than you get to this paradise!

1 bamboo island boat

2 bamboo island koh phi phi

We arrived on this side of the island, it was very quiet there was almost nobody there! Our fisherman told us to relax here and swim for a while. He would wait for us on the other side of the island to pick us up. It was so beautiful and the water was so clear, I almost couldn’t believe it was real!

3 bamboo island

4 bamboo island thailand

It was a very romantic place to be, we had our picture taken by the only couple that was there too. After that we decided to explore the island and walk a little bit. On the other side of the island it was less pretty and more crowded. There were a couple of Russian people fighting really loud and there were boats coming and going. We decided to continue our boat trip and go to another island!

6 bamboo island koh phi phi

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