The 3 best beach clubs on Bali

Beach clubs Bali

You won’t find deserted beaches in Bali, but they are very good in building impressive beach clubs. At these beach clubs they provide you with everything you may need. Towels, showers, pools, music and you can order food and drinks.

Of course you can take your own towel and just pick a spot at the beach but while you’re all the way in Bali you can also make the best of it and hang around at one of the beach clubs for a day. These are my three favorites.

Sundays Beach Club, Uluwatu

This was my number one beach club. Sundays Beach Club lies between the cliffs of Uluwatu. First they will take you down by elevator and then you’ll be in paradise. This is the most beautiful beach I’ve seen in Bali, a beach like this is hard to find on the island. It has cliffs, white sand and blue water. There is an entrance fee of 21 euros.

Finns Beach Club, Canggu

Enormous beach club in Canggu with an awesome pool area. Here you can hang out all day, drinking, eating and swimming. Make sure you’ll watch the beautiful sunset here. There is also night surfing at Finns Beach Club. When it gets dark they will light up the ocean for surfers. At Finns Beach Club there is a minimum spend to get in. It’s about 21 euros for the grass area and around 35 euros for the pool area. You easily get to this minimum spend if you are here all day.

Potato Head Beach Club, Seminyak

This beach club also has a great pool and is most beautiful during sunset. It’s the best beach club you will find in Seminyak. There is a minimum spend of 21 euros for the pool area. Go early and enjoy a day of perfect relaxation here.

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