Australian slang, funny Ozzie words

It’s well known that down under they have their own Australian slang. First of all they pronounce things different. For example, they never pronounce the ‘R’ at the end of a word. Never ever, (nevah, evah)!

Besides the different pronunciation they have a lot of their own words. Some of them are just shortened and some of them I have never heard of. Here’s a list of words that I learned the past few months in Australia.

A bogan is an unsophisticated person. You see them walking around on bare feet in weird places like in a supermarket or just in the streets.

It means afternoon.

If you eat snaggas than you’re eating sausages.

You can make your snaggas on the barbecue, the ‘barbie’.

Snaggas from the barbie will be perfect for ‘tea’. This means you’ll have them for dinner.

Do you want a cuppa? They ask you if you want to have a cup of coffee or tea.

A cool box or cooling bag for your food.

Short for mosquito.

No worries
No worries is a phrase Australians use often. It just means that everything is okay and there is no problem.

They don’t mean your underwear but your flip flops.

It’s a quilt.

You go to maccas for a burger, also known as McDonald.

While you’re at maccas might as well grab a thickshake, what I just call a milkshake.

Asphalt road.

An outside toilet. You don’t have to flush it, it’s just a deep hole.

Roo bar
To prevent car damage when you hit a kangaroo, you better have a roo bar. A big iron frame in front of your car.

Stubbie holder
A beer bottle holder.

Fremantle doctor
A fresh sea breeze that arrives around two in the afternoon in Perth. This will make hot days more pleasant.

Also known as a pickup truck.

Other word for boy.

A bell pepper.

Road train
A truck so long that it’s like a train. Sometimes they carry four or five wagons.

Not a new word but a phrase they constantly use when I would just say ‘a lot’.

Good onya
If you’ve done something well than that’s ‘good onya’.

Do you know any more Australian words?

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Laura Saija

Hi, I'm Laura from Amsterdam. I currently live in Australia with my boyfriend for at least a year. Read all about my travels on! x Laura

  1. Hi Laura,

    Funny to read how you experience our slang 🙂

    I really enjoy reading your blog!!

    Loves Christine X

  2. Haha I also hear a lot of “It was funny as ”
    and ending sentences with just “but” like ” I had a good night but.”

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