I am going to Australia!

Yeah, we are going for real. I have already told you that I really wanted to go to Australia for a longer period with my friend Toby and now we have made the decision. A one-way ticket to Perth. The place where he comes from.

Because he has family in Perth, we decided to start our journey there. We are going to buy a 4 wheel drive and see where faith brings us. No, we do not have a clear plan but who cares? We have enough money and after asking around I found out that you can easily find a part-time job while traveling.

The first months we want to travel around and see if we like being in Australia, what cities are nice to settle. Then we will see if we want to go back to the Netherlands or stay and build a new life there. For now it’s going to be a great adventure and “no worries”.

We will be leaving in January and in the next coming months I will keep you posted about our preparations and the future, so stay tuned!

Laura Saija

Hi, I'm Laura from Amsterdam. I currently live in Australia with my boyfriend for at least a year. Read all about my travels on glampacker.nl! x Laura

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