Karijini National Park, one for your bucket list!

Ultimate adventure at Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park in Western Australia is definitely one for your bucket list. This land traditionally belongs to the Aboriginal people and the rocks are 2500 million years old. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!

Karijini is super remote. The closest big city is Perth, which is over 1300 km and about a 14 hour drive from Karijini. The closest town is Tom Price and it’s about an hour by car. There is no cell phone reception in the entire national park. If you hike down a gorge for one or two hours you’re completely on your own. Don’t slip and break your leg or worse, because it can take you hours to find a phone and rescue may take up to a day.

Hancock Gorge

The Hancock Gorge is described as ‘a journey to the centre of the earth’. If you hike down into the Hancock Gorge it will eventually lead you to Kermit’s Pool, where you can take a nice and refreshing dip. You will have to swim your way there at some point, so bring your swimsuit. The most cool part is the spider walk. The trail is only 45 meters long but it will take you about half an hour return to complete it. This is a class 5 hike, this is the most difficult class in Karijini.

Weano Gorge

The Weano Gorge was my favorite gorge. The trail will take you the Handrail Pool and depending on how long you’ll spend swimming there, this hike will take about an hour return. On your way you will have to cross other pools and challenge some slippery rocks but the journey is beautiful. Don’t bring stuff that’s not waterproof. This is a class 5 hike.

Dales Gorge

In Dales Gorge you can go two ways. One trail leads to Circular Pool and the other trail will lead you to Fortescue Falls and Fern Pool (you can also drive there by car). This hike is class 2, so it’s easier than Hancock Gorge and Weano Gorge but the distance is a longer.

Joffre Gorge

This is definitely the most steep hike down but it was a lot of fun and it leads you to a nice waterfall. This hike will take about two hours return and it’s a class 5 trail.

Knox Gorge

This trail will take you a little bit longer, it’s about 2 kilometers and two or three hours return. Some parts of the trail will be class 3 and some parts class 5. Along the way you’ll cross nice pools and beautiful scenery.

Mount Bruce

This will be the second highest mountain of Western Australia. The trail is not difficult but it will take you a few hours to get to the summit and back. I heard that this hike is most beautiful at sunrise but it was still nice in the afternoon.

If you are in (Western) Australia you shouldn’t miss Karijini! It’s like a cool playground for adults where you can climb, swim and jump. And there aren’t too many other tourists, at least there weren’t in April!

Have you ever been to Karijini?

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