Top 5 things to do in Bunbury

Back Beach, Bunbury

Bunbury is the third largest city of Western Australia and it’s located 175 km south of Perth. It’s a small city with a population of 75,000 and it has beautiful beaches. My boyfriend was actually born in Bunbury, so that was a good reason to explore this city and catch up with some old friends. Here’s what you can do in Bunbury.

Back Beach

This will be the main beach of Bunbury. A rough beach, with big waves hitting the beautiful black rocks. If you want to swim, I suggest you go a little more south along Ocean Drive. The beaches there are less rocky so it’s safer to swim. And believe me, the beaches in Bunbury are wonderful by day and during sunset.

Dolphin watching

Bunbury is known for it’s many dolphins. I even saw some dolphins jumping when I was swimming at the beach. You can drive up to The Cut and stop at the fisherman spot. Dolphins will most likely show up here. If you want to see them from up close, you can go to Koombana Bay. Just wait on the beach in front of the Dolphin Discovery Centre all day (you don’t have to pay entrance fee for that) and they will come in a couple of times a day.

Marlston Hill Lookout

First thing I did in Bunbury was climb the Marlston Hill lookout. You will get the most beautiful view of the city here. It’s close to the main street, so you can easily walk up there. Tip: go back in the evening and climb the lookout tower again when it’s dark.

Bunbury Farmers Market

There is a farmers market in Bunbury that’s very famous in the area. People from all over the place come here to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s open every day of the week.

Big Swamp Reserve

Bunbury has a big swamp and it’s definitely worth to take a walk around here. I saw some beautiful swans and birds here.

Marlston Hill Lookout
Marlston Hill Lookout
The Cut, Bunbury
The Cut, Bunbury
Bunbury Big Swamp Reserve
Big Swamp Reserve, Bunbury

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