Are you looking for a professional travel writer/blogger, social influencer? Let’s work together then!

What do we offer?

Marketing campaigns

Think about sponsored posts, link building, brand ambassadorship, social influence, promotions, giveaways and sponsorships. Target the Glampacker audience around the globe. The campaign will be actively shared on all of our social media platforms. The photos, movies and text will be offered in high quality. Don’t hesitate to contact us for our prices.

Product review

Do you sell a product that might be interesting for the readers of the Glampacker Guide? Or do you grant a service that you want to bring to attention of travellers? We supply a detailed, honest review. To do this we ask for a sample of the product and a reasonable fee.

Accommodation review

I love to stay in an accommodation (hotel, apartment rental, bed & breakfast, glamping) to write a review on Glampacker Guide.  For an accommodation I will make photos from high quality (up to 4k if desired) that will be shared on our blog and my social media platforms (+30.000 followers).

Press trips/destination marketing

I am available to travel around the globe to provide editorial and social media attention at destinations, tours, restaurants, accommodations, events, cruises, airlines, spas and conferences. The costs need to be covered.

Are you interested in a collaboration? Send a clear and specific email to containing information about your company, objectives + expectations and an explanation of how you would like to work with the Glampacker Guide. We will reply ASAP!

Social media statistics

Blog statistics

Monthly page views: 18.724
Unique visitors a month: 14.339

Focus: Instagram + blog
Gender reader: 67% female / 33 % male
Age reader: 18 – 44 year
Keywords: luxury, nature, gastronomy, travel

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