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A lot of people may remember this place or have heard of it because Kunsthaus Tacheles was a very popular place to see in Berlin. Berlin is not one of my favorite cities but I did love the arts everywhere. You can see and feel the creativity all over the city, there is a lot of graffiti and street art.  Kunsthaus Tacheles was an example of the arts you’ll find in Berlin.

I went there in 2012 and it wasn’t until recently that I found out this house doesn’t exist anymore. Too bad, because it was a very interesting place. The house was covered with graffiti and there were rooms with artists who want to present their work. They have closed long since September 2012 but here is a photo impression of how the place looked like. In the art rooms you weren’t aloud to take pictures but I think you can get a good impression of the house.

Interesting: The building was originally called “Friedrichsstadtpassagen”, it was built next to a synagogue as a department store in the Jewish quarter. It was a Nazi prison for a little while but after the Berlin Wall came down, the place was taken over by artists. They called it Tacheles, this is Yiddish for “straight talking”. The building contained studios and workshops, a nightclub, and a cinema. The garden featured an open air exhibition of metal sculptures. A part of the garden still remains open to the public.

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Have you ever been to Tacheles?

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