Sagrada Família

3 inside sagrada familia

The most exciting thing I did in Barcelona was going inside the Sagrada Familia! It was incredibly high and beautiful.

The Basilica
When you come inside the Sagrada Familia you’ll enter the Basilica. I had no expectations of the interior, because I’d never seen pictures of it. I was surprised how beautiful it was, with the colored windows and lightning. The ceilings are very high and designed with great detail.

2 inside sagrada familia

4 inside sagrada familia

5 inside sagrada familia

6 inside sagrada familia

7 inside sagrada familia

The tower
When you’re done looking at the interior and you have a ticket for it, you can get into the elevator and go up in the tower. I’m warning you because this is not for people who are afraid of heights or have claustrophobia. I’m not really afraid of heights but I got the shivers. There are open spaces where you can look down, it was so high that I didn’t even dare to take pictures. The stairways are spiral and very narrow. Despite all that it was really worth it to go up, because the view was amazing!

8 inside sagrada familia view

9 inside sagrada familia view

10 inside sagrada familia view

11 inside sagrada familia

Going down
We couldn’t get down by elevator so we had to take these stairs. This freaked me out the most, it was the most terrifying staircase I’ve ever seen. It was a 20 stories high spiral staircase with a hole in the middle! It was very narrow and I was afraid to look down. I didn’t let go of the handrail the entire time.

12 inside sagrada familia staircase

13 sagrada familia stairs

The outside
Will the Sagrada Familia ever be finished? I hope so and when they finish it I will come back to Barcelona to see it myself! It will be a lot higher when it’s finished, so I’m very curious.

14 outside sagrada familia

15 outside inside sagrada familia

1 sagrada familia

We didn’t had to wait in the queue because we bought our tickets online, I really recommend this if you want to go in. Going in the basilica and the tower costs €19,30. For more ticket information look at this website.

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