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Krua Supan in Koh Phangan (I’m not sure if this place is named Krua Supan) is one of the best restaurants I had dinner at in my whole trip to Thailand. I only have good things to say about this place, the food was great, the people were very nice and it was extremely cheap. I must say it doesn’t look very inviting with the plastic chairs but we came here by accident the first night. We were really tired because we were traveling the whole day to come to Koh Phangan and we decided to go to the closest restaurant near our hotel which was Krua Supan, but after that we didn’t want to go anywhere else.

Krua Supan Koh Phangan

The first nights we just ordered chicken with cashewnuts, vegetables and rice, one of my favorite dishes in Thailand.  This tasted really good and it was only 80 baht (€ 2,50)! Only the last day we decided to try out Krua Supan BBQ Buffet. It was 140 baht which is just € 3,50 per person! I can’t even imagine eating this much in Holland for that price! They keep the food in bins and they cool it with ice, they have all kinds of meat, fish and vegetables. You can get some rice or noodles with it. They also have Thai curry to eat with your barbecued food.Thai BBQ Koh Phangan

You fry your meat and fish on top of the BBQ and you cook the vegetables in the water on the side. You could get unlimited food for your barbecue. There was a very kind man walking around to make sure you filled up your barbecue and you didn’t run out of water.Thai BBQ Krua Supan

Traditional Thai BBQ Koh Phangan

I haven’t seen this traditional Thai barbecue anywhere else but I really liked it! I’m always very careful with food in Thailand because I don’t want to get sick, and this food was out in the open so I was a bit anxious but I didn’t got sick of it!Traditional Thai BBQ

Address: Moo 1, Baan Tai Road, Baan Tai, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani, 84280

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