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I truly mean it when I say, Venice is the most romantic place I’ve ever been. When I went there everybody said that it was ruined, because it was too touristic and the canal water was unclear. I went with my boyfriend in August 2012. We were in Venice only for one day because we were on a road trip and on our way back to Holland. But I definitly want to go back sometime, maybe in another season like spring or fall. I think I liked Venice because it reminds me of my hometown Amsterdam with all the canals and boats. If you go to Venice you should not only hang around the San Marco square, but you should have a look at the old Venetian Ghetto. The word ghetto actually comes from this neighborhood. It’s less touristic and really authentic over there.

I didn’t think I would be doing any shopping when I went to Venice but I was wrong. The whole city is filled with stores. It is really crowded because the shopping streets are very narrow, but it has a good vibe. Something you can buy everywhere is the Venetian glass. This is very colorful and skillfully made glass.

There were a lot of restaurants all over Venice. I liked to sit down and eat by the water. They served mainly Italian food. In Italy they often serve primi piatti and secondi piatti, this means first plate with pasta or risotto and then second plate with meat or fish.

The gondola is not used for transportation anymore. It’s just for tourists and costs 80 euro for a 20 minute ride and at night the price goes up to 100 dollar. What you can do is take the waterbus. A one hour card is 7 euro and a day card is 20 euro. It does only go trough the grand canal. If you want to go deeper in Venice you should walk. The alleys are to narrow for cars.

The temperture in August was about 35 to 40 °C. It was not too hot for me, but like I said, I would like to go back in another season. The temperture in spring is around 18 °C and in fall it’s about 15 °C. In winter season there is a chance that the water level rises and the streets are flooded. They call it acqua alta.

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