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Last month I traveled to York because my boyfriend’s sister is living over there. York is a beautiful walled city in England, founded by the Romans! There are a couple of universities, so there are a lot of students living in York. That’s also the reason my boyfriend’s sister moved there. We flew on a Thursday evening and went back on Sunday evening so we had three whole days. There is a lot to do in York like clubbing and shopping. We had a great time!

In York there are surprisingly a lot of stores. I didn’t expect a shopping center this large! There are big shopping streets and little streets on the sides that have all kinds of little stores. There are also big stores like Topshop and major British retailer Marks and Spencer. Unfortunately I was a bit broke so I didn’t buy a lot.

In York you can get fish and chips everywhere! I don’t like it that much so I didn’t order it but it’s a really common meal in England. I did eat something in York that I really liked, we went to a teahouse for lunch and we ordered scones. We don’t have them in Holland and I love it! When you scroll down you will see a picture of the scone.

We rented a car in York so we were very mobile. It was a struggle at first because everybody is driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Luckily my boyfriend did all the driving. When we went out on the town at night we took a taxi, it’s affordable. You can also take the bus when you want to move around in York.

We traveled at the end of November in the fall, so it was a little rainy. The last day we had a really beautiful day with sunshine. In York it rains a lot but it wasn’t really that cold when I was there. It was somewhere around 10 °C.

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12 gateway to roman fortress york

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16 city wall york

17 shopping york

18 castle york

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